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Today the most attractive direction for immigration to Canada immigra
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Today the most attractive direction for immigration
to Canada immigration to the Canadian province of Quebec is.
In 1978 thanks to the contract between the Federal government of Canada
and the Province of Quebec, Quebec acquired the right to carry out the independent
immigration policy and to estimate candidates for the professional
immigration in compliance with own system of calculation of points,
lists of professions and exclusive education.
Representations of Quebec, or Konsulata, independently, independently
from the federal authorities, make selection of potential immigrants and
conduct with applicants interview. In case of successful passing
interview to the representative of immigration service of Quebec, applicant
receives the Certificate of selection of the Province of Quebec, being the document,
certifying successful passing of process of the professional
immigrations. After that the applicant needs to pass the medical only
the commission and check on the reliability, being under authority
federal authorities
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